Is a campaign-based strategy better suited for social media?

Is a Campaign-Based Strategy Better Suited for Social Media?


Is a campaign-based strategy better suited for social media?

Yes, one of the most organised and effective ways of releasing content to social media channels is by grouping them into ‘campaigns’. Though there are many ways of going about releasing content, this is a proven-strategy that has been widely used in the business, marketing and the advertising world. As a ministry, you can also adapt this approach for your social media.

How to implement a campaign-based strategy

A campaign is a focussed set of activities, usually with specific start and end dates, that has a single objective. It has a predefined set of promotional activities on various channels, using various content types, and is intended to accomplish a specific objective. You can have multiple campaigns running simultaneously or one after the other based on your plan and ministry goal.

For example: In your church ministry, you could have different set of campaigns each week that is aligned with the weekly sermon that you have prepared. You can even use the sermon title as the title of a campaign. All social media activities in that campaign should revolve around that topic. Let us assume that one week you speak about how to get out of debt. Your campaign plan could include a blog on the topic, multiple social media posts, a couple of short videos, a slide deck explaining the content, a podcast, a webinar and Instagram/Snapchat stories on the same topic.

The good thing about a campaign-based approach to releasing content is that it gives clarity to your team on what they should be focussing on at any given point in time. It also helps them plan for upcoming campaigns simply because they are able to see the entire schedule in their campaign plan. It helps streamline your content release activity on social media.

Bonus Tip: Give each campaign a unique code and link that code with all types of content in the campaigns, using a tool like UTM builder. This small step will help you track each campaign using tracking tools and measure how it performed.

Have you used a campaign based approach in your ministry? If so, how has it helped you? If you haven’t used it would you like to try? Share your thoughts and questions using the comments section. Thank you.

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