The Internet is Full of Questions and The Bible is Full of Answers

The Internet is full of questions & The Bible is full of answers

Did you know that Google processes 40,000 search queries every second! That is 3.5 billion searches a day, according to Internet live stats website. And when you add all the other questions being asked on various social media channels to this number, then we are talking about billions of questions being asked every day!

The internet and social media are not just about cat videos and vacation photos (even though they are all over the place), it’s also a platform where people looks for answers to some of the most important questions in their life, work and relationships. It’s a place where people find information that influences their thoughts and actions.

The Internet is Full of Questions and The Bible is Full of AnswersThe modern version of ‘Good Counsel’:

Humans are social beings in need of affirmation. We often turn to our trusted sources, circle of friends and family for their opinions, and we like getting influenced by them. Think about the last time you bought a new mobile phone. You probably asked friends and family for their opinions, and you may have checked out online reviews. Over time we develop a set of trusted sources that give us the right answers to our questions. When we find that trusted source, we develop a habit of going to that source for answers.

In a way, you could call this the modern version of what the Bible calls the act of seeking ‘Good Counsel’ and ‘Good Advice’ (Proverbs 20:18). And I believe this is the way God wants us to live, as a community developing trust and relationships. Consider how Jethro came into Moses’ life at the right time and gave him one piece of good advice. Without that crucial input from a trusted family member, Moses would have killed himself working hard day and night. So, as human beings, it is a good practice to take the help of trusted sources and our community to solve life’s problems.

Now the question is this: As a ministry or a minister serving people, would you like to be that trusted source that your community looks to for answers? Do you have answers that can help people? God has called you to ministry because you have the answer to someone’s problem. And you have the Bible in your hand, which is a book of answers to all of life’s problems.

Spiritual solutions address ‘root’ issues: 

Most of life’s challenges and problems have their root in the spiritual realm. Solving them spiritually opens doors to solutions in the real world. That is what happened in my life. I spent years trying to solve my problems without much results. But once I understood how the spiritual realm worked and once I realised the significance of first solving my spiritual problems, I started to work on them and I saw how it soon manifested as solutions in the worldly realm.

So, you have the answers to people’s questions. Now you have to let them know that you have the answers by presenting your answers on social media. This will help people who are looking for that particular solution to find it and benefit from it.

Consider today’s teenagers. When they grow up in the absence of an open family or good friends, where do they go for answers to questions concerning relationships, sex, careers, leadership and finding life’s purpose?

They pick up their mobile devices and Google them, getting search results from social media and blog articles, and then those teens go to social media to see who has opinions and answers, and they’re influenced by the responses.

Some teenagers do not even openly type out these questions on the internet; instead they silently browse and look for conversations about these topics and get influenced by them. If you are a Christian ministry focusing on helping young people find life’s purpose, this is a great opportunity for you to provide answers to teenagers seeking answers. Godly answers help people turn to light instead of darkness. When people get answers to their pressing questions in a time of need, they see the truth in something that they might have previously ignored.

The importance of your social media presence:

But how do you share answers if you’re not present on social media where the questions are being asked? That is why it is important to establish your presence on social media. Your ministry must be there to present and provide the unique answers that God has given you to solve the unique problems of your audience. The online audience is so curious that they will not stop looking until they find answers to their questions.

If we who are called for ministry fail to use our God-given answers to influence the billions of people on social media today, then we run the risk of losing these people to sources of influence that may not guide them in the right path. So start using social media today and start answering people’s questions. You never know who you might be able to help.

If you like to know more about how to use social media for your ministry or you have any specific question on social media, please ask using the comments section below. Thank you.

Stay connected. Stay blessed.