social media team for church and ministry

How to Effectively Build a Social Media Team for your Church Ministry

Social media is a powerful tool for any ministry that wants to serve people in this digital age. But it takes an army to keep it going. Having the right social media team can help you fulfil your ministry communication and promotional goals successfully.

Social media campaigns require multiple components to work together and various skill sets to execute them. For example, one simple image-based social media post on your Facebook page needs a minimum of 5 components – the image, the title, the body text, the link and the hashtags.

And to create these 5 components, you need 8 different skill sets (and one or more team members with these skills) – a strategist to come up with the strategy of why you are posting what you are posting, the leadership team to decide on the goal or objective of the post, a designer to work on the image for the post, a copywriter to create the posting content and title, a marketer to decide the landing page & the hashtags that go with the post, the IT web technology team to create the landing page for the post, the social media team to post it and a coordinator or manager to manage them all.

All this for just one social media post, in one social media channel!

That is why understanding the multiple skill sets required to run a social media campaign and having a plan to acquire these skills within your ministry team or volunteers team can be critical.

social media team for church and ministry

Skills required for the efficient functioning of an effective social media team:

The various skills required and the various roles that need to be played by team members who run social media campaigns for your ministry are:

  1. Source content creator

Team member(s) in your ministry who will preach, teach, advise and counsel people on a particular topic and create the source material for the ministry. This material could be in written format or spoken format – video or audio.

  1. Digital strategist

Team member(s) who will use the source content to come up with digital & social media marketing campaigns, strategies, ideas and innovative ways of presenting your core message. This person should have knowledge of current industry trends and stay on top of developments in digital marketing.

  1. Project manager

Team member(s)  who will convert the social media strategy into an actionable plan with tasks, calendars, campaigns, timelines and more, coordinating with the rest of the team on a regular basis to bring the plan to life and measuring impact on a regular basis. The project leader should have an in-depth knowledge of your operations since they will be the coordinator for the entire social media effort of your ministry.

social media team skills

  1. Content manager

Team member(s) who will take the original source content and work on it, customise it, package it, edit it and make it suitable for various social media channels.

  1. Visual content producer

Team member(s) who are graphic designers and video editors with the responsibility of creating visual elements to represent an idea. Visual elements are vital for social media.

  1. Social media manager

Team member(s) who will release or post the content and visual elements on various social media channels. This team will monitor all the social media accounts and engage with people on a regular basis, and they will also measure and track the progress of all the social media activities and report back to the rest of the team on what changes need to be made.

Strategies for building an A-team for your social media ministry

As a ministry, there are multiple ways for you to put together an effective social media team with people who can play these roles. You can use a combination of the following 5 ways:

  1. Recruit one person with multiple skills (a one-man army)

If you are a small church and you are the only person in the social media division, you can work on the roles and responsibilities listed above by yourself. Even though it looks like a lot of work (and it is), if you manage your time efficiently and use the right tools, you can handle it. But as you reach a stage where your ministry grows and you are unable to manage the workload, then you might have to think about getting help.

  1. Recruit a social media team on staff

If you have the resources to do it, you could build a social media team as part of your staff by hiring people with the required skill sets given above and start the operations.

social media team building strategies

  1. Recruit a team of volunteers

You can get access to some of the skillsets using a combination of in-house team and volunteers. But make sure you have at least one coordinator or leader who can guide the volunteers and implement processes/systems.

  1. Hire a digital marketing consultant

If you already have a team and you need a bit of direction and focus, you can hire a social media & digital marketing consultant to help you put these systems in place, set up the tools, train the team and ensure that you are on your way to being efficient and successful in your social media ministry.

  1. Hire a social media agency

If you are not sure about handling all of this in-house, then you can hire an agency, partnering with people specialised in this niche activity. You can assign one coordinator from the ministry to be the point of contact, and allow the agency to handle all the activities. Any good agency will have experienced people on their team for each of the roles listed above. So, you get access to all the skill sets and since it is managed by someone else on a regular basis, you are freed up to focus on your ministry while they handle all the social media operations. You can get weekly and monthly reports from the agency in order to stay on top of the campaigns and activities.

When you have the right team, you have won half the battle. A good team can help you save time and accelerate your ministry’s growth plans. So spend time and effort on this very important piece of the social media puzzle.

Do you have any specific question related to the people-component of social media in your ministry? If so, let me know and I will be happy to help you answer them. To share your thoughts about social media teams for churches and to ask questions, please use the comments section below.