showcase the uniqueness of your calling on social media

How to Showcase the Uniqueness of Your Calling on Social Media

One of my favourite quotes from Oscar Wilde is: “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.

In the Bible, we see God reminding us of our uniqueness in almost every book, from Jeremiah, to Psalms and all the way up to the new testament.

Even when we see great Bible leaders being replaced by their successors, they act and fulfil the existing role in their own uniquely different style:

  • Joshua’s leadership style in leading Israel into the promised land, was so different from Moses’
  • Elisha’s ministry was unique compared to Elijah’s
  • Solomon’s approach to expanding the kingdom was much different from the way David expanded it

Yet, we see many church leaders on social media trying to be someone else. They see an online success story, the huge following, the amazing reach and the big impact of someone else’s ministry and they try to do the same thing.

God made us unique and I am sure He expects us to understand, be aware of and use our uniqueness in every walk of life – online and offline.

So, for heaven’s sake, be yourself.

Your Unique Style can be an Asset on Social Media:

Social media is always open and welcoming of individuals and organisations that are genuine, authentic, real and unique. Some of the videos that have gone viral on social media are the ones that showcases authenticity, reality and the unique side of individuals.

showcase the uniqueness of your calling on social media

Social media audience are not particularly looking for polished, edited, scripted cookie-cutter content. Instead, they look for valuable content, from a unique source, that truly helps them and solves their problem. When they consume the content, if they see the uniqueness and authenticity come through, they will be happy to share it with their network.

So, as a ministry, if you create content that showcases the uniqueness of your calling and reveal the authentic personality of your ministry using the content, social media will work well for you. Whether you are producing ministry videos or writing blogs or recording podcasts, think about how you can showcase your uniqueness.

5 Tips to Showcase the Uniqueness of Your Calling on Social Media:

1.Uniqueness in interpretation (insights)

When you handle a topic or comment on a subject on social media, try to offer your interpretation and insights based on your own unique experience. Even if 100s of people have already commented on it, the fact that you are saying it, with your own interpretation will make it unique. Be bold and do not hold back from sharing your perspective.

2. Uniqueness in delivery

You can showcase your uniqueness by the way you deliver a content. For example: you can take a boring topic and deliver it in an interesting way. You can try creating an animated video or a simple mindmap on a white board to explain a boring, dull concept.

3. Uniqueness in packaging

By packaging content uniquely, you can grab the attention of your audience and also stand out in a crowd. There are various packaging techniques like visual packaging or structural packaging (breaking up the structure of your content in a unique way) that can help you express your uniqueness.

4. Uniqueness in promoting

You can think of unique ways in which you promote your content. For example: When everyone is focussing on promoting through advertising campaigns and emails, you can think of using new untested techniques like chatbot tools (FB messenger bots) and A.I. tools (artificial intelligence) to promote your content.

5. Uniqueness in engaging

The way you respond and engage with your audience can also be unique. The way you reply to comments, ask questions, connect others, refer to resources, point people in the right direction, provide information, etc., can help you showcase your uniqueness.

Say ‘Yes’ to inspiration and ‘No’ to imitation:

While it is healthy to be motivated, encouraged and inspired by others, it is not healthy to imitate anyone. You can learn a few lessons and take a leaf out of someone else’s effort and incorporate some techniques they may have used, but focussing on your own strengths and uniqueness is what will ultimately help you stand out.

Just be yourself.

Create content that is unique to you.

Deliver that content in a way that is unique to you.

Think about how you can put the seal and mark of who you are and what God has placed inside of you in your social media campaigns. This uniqueness will act as an ignition trigger for your content and help you succeed on social media.

Stay Connected. Stay Blessed.